Thursday, February 23, 2017

Just posted Part 2 of the Untitled Romance. Read it here: And don't forget to enter:

Monday, February 20, 2017


People have begun to read the serial and submit ideas for the title. I've even gotten some comments, mostly about wanting more installments. I'm writing the next one now. Hope to post it later this week.

You can read the serial and enter the contest here:

The two title entries I like the best so far are:

1) The Stiffs of Gravesend

Why? It's wordplay. The Stiffs family are undertakers and stiffs is slang for corpses. Phineas Stiffs is the romantic hero of the story.

2) A Touch of Velvet

Why? Coffins are lined with velvet. Also, the story takes place in a dieselpunk milieu in which I imagine that velvet is often worn.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I’ve been working on a novel for about four years. The best way I can describe the genre is Dieselpunk Romantic Comedy. I’ve posted the first 50 pages of the novel on my website (

The winner will receive:  1) A check for $200   2) An acknowledgment in the book  3)  A signed copy of the book.  Five runners-up will receive signed copies as well.

Send entries to: todd@toddstrasser (dot) com

THE LARGE PRINT GIVETH; THE SMALL PRINT TAKETH AWAY   This contest is contingent upon the book being published. Payment upon publication of the novel. Should there be more than one entry for the winning title, the winner will be the first who entered. I’ve published more than 140 so far, so I’m hoping the odds are good but one never knows.  Before sending a title, please check Amazon. If a book with the same title, or something very similar, has been published in the past five years, that will probably be a problem.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Everyone Faces Challenges

In this video I talk about some of the challenges I've had to face as a writer.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Michael Burlingham, an old college friend, sent me this photo. It's probably from 1973 and I'm working on my first novel, Angel Dust Blues. The desk was a door I found somewhere and propped up on cinder blocks. To my right is part of a manuscript I'm probably revising for the 100th time. Tacked to the wall on my left are taped-together hand-edited scenes awaiting re-typing. Just to the left of the typewriter on the desk is something called The Word Book, which contained 10,000 correctly spelled words for people like me who couldn't, and still can't, spell. The Smith-Corona is long gone, and the author is a bit older, but otherwise, very little has changed.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


In 1979 my first YA novel, Angel Dust Blues, was published to good reviews. I managed to follow up through the early 1980s with more well-received novels, but like most careers that get off to a good start, mine was bound to hit a pot hole sooner or later. And so not surprisingly, toward the end of the decade I sank into a rut with books that neither sold well nor received particularly good reviews.