Friday, April 10, 2009

Memories of the Grateful Dead

One day in the spring of 1967 you stood in the record department of E.J. Korvettes trying to decide between the first Cream album or the first Grateful Dead album (You can only assume that you
didn’t have the funds at the time to purchase both).

You chose Fresh Cream, thus delaying your formal introduction to the Grateful Dead by nearly two years.

Flash forward to February 1969, your friend and Deadhead Dr. Richie takes you to a Dead show at the Fillmore East that starts around midnight. Your completely unreliable recollection is that by the time the show ended and you left, the sun was starting to rise.

Dr. Richie and you saw the Dead at least once a decade, and in some decades, many more times than that, until Jerry Garcia died on August 9th, 1995.

This week the New York Times is running a feature that asks fans to send in their photos:

Here’s your contribution:

After nearly 40 years and hundreds of concerts, we were still looking forward to spending the evening with them. But a little more than a month before this one, Jerry left. As [Robert] Hunter wrote in his elegy, he lives inside us.

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