Friday, August 27, 2010

Wish You Were Dead ... Now Available in Paperback

The trade edition of WYWD has just been released.

Also, the Humble, TX TLF has been cancelled (see last two posts). I'm sorry about that, as I was eager to go down there and point out that I'm pretty sure the United States Constitution was not meant to be a menu from which we could pick and choose the rights we wished to embrace while ignoring the others.

So if people want to enjoy the right to bear arms thanks to the 2nd Amendment, I think it's only right that they should respect the 1st Amendment as well.

Also, as I heard from a newspaper reporter from Humble, some people claim that Ellen Hopkin's 1 st Amendment rights were not violated because her books are still on the shelves, but I have to disagree. She was invited to speak at the TLF, then disinvited specifically because of the content in her books. To me that's a clear violation of her freedom of speech.

Finally, as I told the reporter, my biggest worry now is that next year, just to play it safe, the TLF will feature Pat the Bunny, and similar milquetoast.

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