Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Good Review for FAMOUS

Jamie Gordon, recently dubbed “New York’s youngest paparazzo,” wants to become a professional celebrity photographer. When she lands the opportunity to spend a week living with teen megastar Willow Twine in L.A., photographing her and documenting her life, it’s a dream come true. Willow, recently out of rehab, is trying to salvage her damaged career, but is still partying. When Jamie finds photos that could make her career and ruin Willow’s, she is faced with the biggest decision of her life. Strasser has written a novel that exposes the magical lure of celebrity. He shows how even the most sought after truths often hide the darkest lies. Jamie is a fully believable character with whom readers will identify. Strasser presents a story about a young girl who wants to find fame, but the reader can see that she is sacrificing personal relationships to do so. The message is clear, but in a thoughtful rather than preachy way, as Jamie reflects on what she has learned. This is a good read that is taken from today’s celebrity headlines; it should surely hook teens looking for a good story that they can identify with. --Library Media Connection, May/June 2011

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