Monday, April 9, 2012

Praise Regarding a School Visit

Dear Mr. Strasser,

Central Middle School still echoes your presence. We wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding presentations at our school on March 16, 2012. Since your visit, the Todd Strasser books have been flying off our library shelves. The kids are thoroughly enjoying them and look forward to future Strasser novels!

Your presentations inspired and motivated our students, especially the stories about how you struggled with reading and writing and persevered to become a successful writer. The lunch interviews were fantastic and can now be seen on our school website. The Q & A sessions with the eighth grade students at the end of the day were a great springboard into further classroom discussions about the writing process.

The sincerity, humor and wisdom that you shared about persevering and learning from your mistakes is what we will remember and take with us for future success.

Thank you again for a wonderful visit!

Dr. Norman Francis, Principal

Mrs. Sarah Hare-Lidman, Reading Specialist
Ms. Linda Bunte,  Media Specialist

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