Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Give A Boy A Gun means to one young man

  Hi my name is Alex …. and in the beginning of the year I had picked up your book Give A Boy A Gun. As I read your book tears filled my eyes. I think everyone's had that one little experience being bullied. Last year I got picked on a lot because of my size, having glasses, and braces. But not everyone's experience was as tough as the characters in your book... I hope you realize this book has effected many people, in various ways. But mostly it has helped me. It has helped me realize that peoples situations are much worse than mine, and I can get through things. Last year I also got diagnosed with children's arthritis, and was constantly made fun of because of that. I constantly cried, and thought my life was the worst. But then, I read your book. Give A Boy A Gun has inspired me, entertained me, made me cry…. Most of all thank you for writing, inspiring, and helping people by writing Give A Boy A Gun.

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