Sunday, September 23, 2012

Morton Rhue Visits Germany to Promote Über Uns Stille

Well, I'm back in Germany being Morton Rhue again. It's always a bit of a surprise. Today I found myself touring a reconstructed old German village with a guide, 4 journalists, a publicist, and two book sellers. The tour provides a backdrop for the photos that accompany the media stories. We even rode around for a while in a horse-drawn carriage.  This never happens in the US (tours, multiple journalists, horse rides), and I almost forgot to sign copies of Über Uns Stille (The Stillness Above) with Morton's name and not my own. Also, I have to get used once again to answering when people say Morton and not Todd. I also have to get used to eating a lot because there are lots of promotion/meals, plus every time you sit down with a journalist there seems to be cake and coffee. Some of the faces are familiar. I have travelled many times before with Johanna, the publicist from Ravensburger and she is great. And the Bollingers, who own bookshops around Frankfurt, are always lovely.

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