Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I’ve been working on a novel for about four years. The best way I can describe the genre is Dieselpunk Romantic Comedy. I’ve posted the first 50 pages of the novel on my website (

The winner will receive:  1) A check for $200   2) An acknowledgment in the book  3)  A signed copy of the book.  Five runners-up will receive signed copies as well.

Send entries to: todd@toddstrasser (dot) com

THE LARGE PRINT GIVETH; THE SMALL PRINT TAKETH AWAY   This contest is contingent upon the book being published. Payment upon publication of the novel. Should there be more than one entry for the winning title, the winner will be the first who entered. I’ve published more than 140 so far, so I’m hoping the odds are good but one never knows.  Before sending a title, please check Amazon. If a book with the same title, or something very similar, has been published in the past five years, that will probably be a problem.

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