Sunday, May 3, 2009

Can't Get There From Here and YouTube Videos

You’d been thinking of writing about Can’t Get There From Here (Asphalt Tribe in German) and then someone sent you this link to a YouTube video, which was apparently done as a school project.

When you went to look at it, you discovered other YouTube videos regarding you and your books. (PLEASE SEE BELOW)

You got the idea for Can’t Get There From Here after giving a talk at a conference in Denver, Colorado. On the way back to the airport your host asked if you would mind stopping briefly at a homeless shelter so that she could drop off some food left over from the conference.

Without really thinking too hard, you assumed the homeless shelter would be a place for “older” homeless types. But you were wrong. It was a homeless shelter for teens, some of whom were runaways, and some of whom were “throwaways” -- kids who’d been thrown out of their homes for various reasons. You had some time before you had to be at the airport so you asked for a tour of the facility. The next surprise was the sleeping quarters. There were two separate dorms, divided by sex. The dorms formed a V and at the bottom of the V was an observation room with windows that looked out into both sleeping areas. This way one person of authority could watch the teens all night. One of the conditions for living at the homeless shelter was the understanding that the lights were kept on low all night so that all who slept there could be observed.

This got you thinking and wondering about how big a problem homelessness among teens might be. And that led to the research that ultimately led to the book.

One interesting aspect of the story that you sometimes wonder about, and suspect might make a good sequel, are the homeless “club kids,” teens who spend their nights in dance clubs and their days sleeping wherever they can find a bed, couch, or floor. Anyone who’s spent time in New York, Miami or Los Angeles, has probably seen these kids without realizing it, since they tend to dress in the latest fashions and hardly look homeless. I once heard one of them say, “We may not have beds, but we wear fashionable threads.”

Videos about Todd:

Another video about Can’t Get There From Here:

There also appear to be a number of videos about Boot Camp and The Wave in both English and German.

Mr. Bill says, “I’ve got way more videos than Todd. Check out this one.”

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