Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wish You Were Dead -- The Kirkus Review!

Carefully plotted, this suspenseful novel blends the traditional with new tech details to a successful end. Popular but kind Madison is the protagonist of what can be described as an almost archetypal teen thriller about a high-school clique being stalked (and, one by one, abducted) by an unknown villain. Interspersed throughout Madison's first-person narrative are blog postings by a bullied student at their school; each time she posts about a slight by one of her peers, that person mysteriously goes missing. Also peppered throughout are deliciously evil monologues from the perspective of the kidnapper that are both titillating and chilling ... An impressive number of red herrings will keep readers guessing right up to the satisfying conclusion.

(The reason for the ellipsis is that the reviewer added one teeny tiny utterly not relevent little ever-so-slightly critical note that this blog sees absolutely no logical reason to repeat ;-)

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